Customers and projects

2017 - new website for Consultancy bureau NewTreeO of Okko Kuiper. Following principles "lean & mean", "less is more". Clear, open design and source code without unnecessary ballast, a click means information on screen without endless waiting for the page to come up.
Now a fairly simple "business signboard", but there are interesting things in the planning..
2017 - new website for Wild Indonesia Journey, travel agency in Indonesia. Still under constructie, because of delay on the side of the customer.
2017 - Still in full development: Website for membership administration of clubs and associations, but also very good for private use which is even for free. Costs for clubs and associations are low. It has been designed to seriously lessen the workload of executives by avoiding unnecessary complexity that characterizes so many exisiting membership administrations. At the same time it is a powerful, customizable package.
2016 - Website for velomobile enthusiasts in the US.
2016 - BWNR.NL. Initially developed for BK Engineers, but generally available for (construction) projects that want to communicate better and smarter with local residents.
The website allows for various things: residents can schedule appointments for consultants or activities to be done, documents can be exchanged, questions-notifications-complaints can be handled through the site and there is the possibility to do satisfaction research. This reduces a lot of labor-intensive work and it gives the opportunity to make the quality of the process visible.
2015 - for Stichting Urgente Noden Nederland a charitable foundation, we developed an interactive map of all municipalities in the Netherlands. This map identifies colors in which municipalities emergency services are active or capable of being established. In addition, the user receives information about the emrgency service directly via a pop-up which can be clicked to link to the relevant website. The design of this is so transparent that adjustments and maintenance can be done by volunteers.
2015- for relations in Indonesia we developed an application to show local shops on Google Maps, and allows linking to the site of the shop. The shopowner has a mini CMS to show what is on offer. Adding a webshop is in the planning.
2015 - for FoundationZZ we have built a website for the recruitment of donors. Donors can respond to posts on the news page. They can log in and request an overview of their donations. In addition, we support Foundation ZZ
2015 - for PerfectAlanya we built a website for renting holiday apartments.
July 2017, regrettably, the owner was forced to stop because of the dismal situation in Turkey.
2014 - for Cyclist Association Alphen aan den Rijn we improved the existing site, adding menu and design in a way that the webmaster who knows only basic html - wanting to keep it that way - can still maintain the site without a problem.

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