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Knowledgeable marketeer

About InfoLead

InfoLead's owner is Maarten Heckman. For me, InfoLead means back to my roots. In the early nineties InfoLead was my first company and after many years working for a salary with a load of experience gained, I have decided to restart InfoLead per December, 1 2015.


My education is from Wageningen Agricultural University, but after graduation it didn't take long before I found my way into ICT. In part that was due to a bad employment situation at the time, but it was certainly in line with my interests. I was one of the very first students that produced his papers from a printer and not from a typewriter which was the standard at the time. Thanks to my Wageningen education I developed a very down to earth intelligence, and also knowledge of management science, economics and technical stuff.

Former customers

I developed the very first travel booking application for Dutch travel organizer Djoser. Before that, in 1986, I introduced the first computer at Yacht- and Shipyard C. van Lent en Zonen. After that many companies and organizations followed where I was involved in software development: Stichting Verpleeghuizen Noord-Holland - Tentsetters - Thyssen-Hünnebeck - Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Wolfheze - Servica Advies - Strukton - SKF Groep - Uitgeverij Ten Hagen&Stam - Twynstra Gudde - Haagse Hogeschool - Cordis - Stichting Bejaardenzorg Amstelveen - Hogeschool van Amsterdam - Ministerie van LNV - Albert Heijn - ISDC - De Ster - Hartstichting - KCFS - Uniglas - Amsterdam Arena - VU Medisch Centrum - Swets en Zeitlinger - Centrale Inkomens Administratie Nederland - Magic Hands - Magic Minds - Anra - Millpanel - J. van Zanten Fashion accessories -

Knowledge areas

CRM, Travel industry, Facility Management, Patient administration, Logistics, Salary administration, Production planning, Member administration. Generally: if you can explain what you want, I can produce it. On the downside, if you want a simple standard solution and you don't have knowledge yourself, I am not the right person for you. My ideal customer is someone that is an expert in his own area, is looking for a partner to realize good ICT and is not satisfied with a standard solution.

Getting hit by a bus...

Although I cooperate with colleagues, I am basically a one man operation. That has many advantages - no overhead, fast response, good communication, but one question that comes back is the old what if you get hit by a bus? My reply is simple: Open Source and networking. I develop fully based on Open Source with well established tools like PHP and MySQL. The source code I develop can always be continued by another good developer. My added value is my knowledge, experience and intelligence, but a customer will never be stuck when for one or other reason I can no longer be involved.


On the upside, I am much more efficient as an independent contractor, you just have to deal with one person that has the knowledge and can take the decisions. What many people don't realize is that a bigger company often has just one person involved in your business. The chance that this person has a carreer move is far greater than me getting hit by a bus.


The price won't be the problem. Just a reasonable price for good work.
If your wishes are clear, we can also work on fixed-price base.